The app can earn a lot of money from the online test. App Testing is a great website for earning, but today I will talk about a special website ‘Tester Work’.

What is a tester?

Taster work is a type of app testing website where you can earn money by app testing. Here you will test the software provided by others as a freelancer.

How will the war be included in the war?

First you need to register here! Then give your own information, then write about your testing experience and what device you can test. Then they will take your exam. There you will be examined your QA test and English skills. You have two options to pass.

This means that the registration process has been divided into two parts. The first part of registration of Bang Bang is the second online exam.

If you leave the examination, you will be given another option to complete the entire examination. If you can pass the exams, they will confirm you to add them to your mail in your mail.

If you are close, you need to check your mail every day, because they will give your work on your mail. Since you are working as a freelancer here, there will be no fixed deadline for your job. But if you give them an app test every day, then you should end it within a specific time frame.

You will receive your payment within 12 to 14 days of every app test. You can get at least $ 3 to $ 480 for each app test. Payment can be obtained through Paypal or through work contract.

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