Many of us know what is the function of a computer, what is the function key called, what is seen in computer keyboard from F1 to F12? But what is their work?
Let’s know about their work today!

Function’s -1 (F1)

This key is required if there is a problem working on the computer. If you press the F1 key for a program, the help option will open automatically.

Function K2 (f2)

Function key F2 is used to rename a file or folder, i.e. to rename it.

Function of -3 (F3)

Function key F3 is to find the search feature of any running application.

Function key -4 (f4)

Pressing F4 with the keyboard Altrix key (Alt) will close the current window.

Function K-5 (F5)

F5 of the function is used to refresh or reload the desktop or laptop.

Function key -6 (F6)

The function key F6 works to guide the mouse cursor in the address bar.

Function key -7 (F7)

Writing on the computer is wrong? Or is there a grammatical problem? F7 of the function will end this problem.

Function K8 (F8)

The key to enter the boot menu is the function key F8.

Function K-9 (F9)

Function keys F9 has two functions. The function key F9 is also used to refresh the Microsoft Word document and exchange e-mail for Microsoft Outlook.

Function key -10 (F10)

One of the easiest ways to open the menubar on a computer is the function key F10. Can not open the menu bar by pressing only the function key F10! Press the Shift key on the keyboard to press F10 to work.

Function K-11 (F11)

The easiest way to turn the computer into fullscreen or full screen is F11 of the function.

Function key 1.2 (f12)

The function’s F12 is not used to start the Avro software faster. F12 of the function by launching the ‘Save As’ dialog box on the computer.

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