Every day of our lives will be beautiful, if we keep planning. Some people make a list and work accordingly, and some people plan to use technology. It is very important to give time for every job. And that’s why we need a calendar app. Today we will know about the awesome 10 calendar applications, which will help you to time out.

  1. A calendar (calendar)

This is a great calendar app that combines interesting design, easy navigation panel, various widgets and great functionality. There are some features of the application: You can choose from 48 colors of color palettes, organize the interface in different ways, third party will get some widgets, moon date and so on.

You can easily navigate through different parts of the app on the month, year and date page. By collecting various types of data from your system, the application will remind you of many special days, including birthdays, anniversaries. The app also supports data transfer, which allows it to transfer all data to your other devices.

The app allows you to download for free. But to unlock some other features, you can only buy an extended version of $ 4.99. Here’s the Android version of the app.

Second. Cal Calendar (Cal Calendar)

The app only comes in new market for Android and iOS users. This is a calendar application featuring the incredible functionality and design created by Andy Dow team. The app has great features, such as with a click of all data transfer systems, widgets, voice recording system and Google Calendar.

This app is related to Andy Door Tuded List App. It’s much faster and easier than other calendar apps. If you wish, you can add information from any other software here. Its design and functionality is relatively easy and therefore anyone can use it. This app can be downloaded completely from here.

  1. Business calendar

The app is originally designed for those who use the calendar for business purposes. The calendar app is a perfect fit for merchants in all awesome configurations. From the default view, the app can be accessed through a variety of viewable views. With any dictation and facts, you can be inspired by yourself.

The app also has the ability to write notes about any event. You can transfer information from other calendar applications here. The app can be downloaded here for free. But for some more functionality and features, its purchase version will be available in only $ 4.99.

  1. CalenGoo

The app has made a strong position in the market with great functionality, simplest navigation and stability. Although this program was created very long ago, but there are still great features in the combination of excellent features, color palettes and events. In this app you can customize your interface as desired.

You can add Evernote and Google Calendar to the app. The app will also be able to offer a special day reminder for birthday. The app is designed for iOS users only. You can download it from here.

  1. Calendar widget: Monthly (Calendar widget: month)

If you like widgets from the Calendar app, it’s for you. This is a calendar widget through which you can use as a calendar with 80 themes. You can set the widget through all the beauty themes for your smartphone. Android users can download widgets from here.

  1. DigiCal Calendar

The app focuses primarily on design from functionality. The app lets you connect with other calendar apps and transfer information from them, like Google Calendar, Outlook Mail etc. It’s easy to get you through some topics

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