What is the internet, When you chat with someone on the internet or send a call to Kaka, have you ever wondered how many different computers are working together to accomplish this task? You are sitting with your computer on the table or on the lap, and on the other hand your friend is ready with the computer to contact you. But you have more than a dozen computers in the gap between your friend’s computer and you are filling the gap between you and your friend’s computer. And in this way another computer is connected to a computer all over the world and it is the internet. But how is this Alpha Alta computer capable of establishing a relationship within itself? Let the friends get these things from close friends and dear ones.

  What is the internet
  What is the internet
  Global communication has become much better now, and all these achievements are her, whose name is Internet. In less than 20 years, spread of its spread has spread to about 210 different countries. Even the poorest countries of the world have joined this network.

  Most of us, including myself, think that internet terms mean online going online. But there is nothing other than a common computer network to speak the truth. Think of the road that is wrapped around the whole world. Just as traffic goes through the road to its destination, the data reaches the various computers and reaches its destination. And this is the main basis of the internet. The Internet is actually a system of connecting different computers together (computers at your home, office computers, school computers).

  A computer is connected to another computer in different ways. Any computer is reconnected by the old copper cable through the fiber-optic cable (which sends the data between the vibrations of the light), the computer wireless connection (wireless connection means that we understand wireless, this radio waves ) And any computer connected to the satellite. And this is how we can download instant messaging, email service, or MP3 music files.

  What is the real work on the internet?
  Real work of internet
  Internet work really is very easy, it transmits data from one place to another, diameter The main functions of machines that have been integrated into the Internet are data transfer and distribution. To compare reality, the internet can be compared to the postal service.

  Postal service is transmitted from one place to another. But it does not matter to whom the letter came to or what was written in the letter. Again the letter is empty, but the postal service does not come anywhere. His work will reach the letter to reach its diameter. The Internet works the same way.

  Internet service, such as postal service, also holds many information from one place to another. Therefore, if the data is transmitted, then the Internet will complete it. Now you do not send an email to Cao’s message, there is no internet connection with it. However, the process of providing data sharing will help in completing the internet, diameter. Now we are getting new uses based on the data transfer method. As soon as two European investors made Skype, they brought the phone to the net in the net. They created a program where our words can become data and continue to communicate with them. But sometimes sharing our point of view was not possible to make a separate internet for Skype.

  How is internet data transmitted?
  Web 1045994_1280
  Internet works like a telephone network to a great extent. But there is a separate call on the internet to carry data and telephone lines. When you ring a friend, a direct connection (or circuit) between you and your friend opens up on your telephone. As long as you are connected to the telephone, the circuit remains open. Circuit switching is the method of connecting a telephone with a telephone with another telephone. The electronic telephone exchange system controls who will be heard and whom

But friends will think a little bit and understand that circuit switching is really inefficient way to set up the network. Whenever you will be connected to your friend on the phone, you will not be able to connect with anyone on that line. (Think, you are typing an email, you can take hours to type, and at this time if you can not send any mail to anyone at this time?) Think if you talk loudly on the telephone Are you talking long or empty? To talk, he got coffee mug on the phone. So you are not sending any information, but then your phone is connected to your friend’s phone. You are billed for every second and you do not have to talk or say that the phone is connected and no one can call on that line. Therefore circuit switching can never be an ideal network. What type of internet data is used by using the Internet?

  Packet switching
  The Internet uses the circuit switching method to carry your data. For example, if you use dial-up connection (where your computer dials a telephone number to reach your internet provider, and it works like a normal phone call) connects to the internet. Here you use the circuit switching method to come online. So no one can call you till I am connected. And to stay connected, you have to pay for each other. And instead your net connection will work with the speed of turtle.

  But most internet data is done by a whole new method called packet switching. Imagine that you want to send an email to one of your Indian friends. So here’s your Indian friend and you do not need to connect directly to this mail to get it fully. After sending your mail to packet switching, it is divided into several parts. And each of these sections is called packet. Each packet is automatically tagged, and they can travel to Elda Elda. When pieces reach their destination, they merge again, so that they appear as mail.

  Packet switching method is much more efficient than circuit switching method. You will never need to be completely connected to anyone. So you are not putting anyone’s line. Someone can use the same line at the same time. And specific packets will reach your address perfectly. Since packets reach different routes, there is no hindrance in the obstacle. As a result, many fast speeds are observed.

  How does packet switching work?
  Packet switching
  Before understanding how packet switching works, you need to understand how circuit switching works. Suppose you live in America and are planning to come to Bangladesh. Let’s say that you are thinking about lifting your building, not only on your luggage but also about a nightmare where your whole house is taking from one end of the world to the other. You have to do?

  First you have to see a road which allows you to travel easily. Then you will need some trucks. And to cross the sea you will need a special ship. Think how difficult it is to get the whole thing. And you will come back for a couple of days to bring so many things together. Because your destination will be a lot of slurs. Again, if someone else tries to come in the same street, then he will also be trapped. Actually the circuit switching method works the same way. And this method is called telephone call.

  Now imagine another situation. Imagine that you removed your building and every brick. Each brick filled the envelope and sent it on its way to its destination. Some things could have been on the ship, perhaps some of them went to the sky. Then when all the bricks arrive together, the number of bricks will be added in the previous building. Since the bricks have traveled with different roads, there will be no road jams. And others can use the same road at the same time.

And just like this packet switching works. When you email or browse a site with a browser, all data is split up into many packets and spreads over the Internet.

  How do computers work on the internet?
  How do computers work on the internet?
  There are millions of computers on the internet. But not everybody works the same way Some of these computers only collect information and send information from where the request is made. And these machines are called servers. Machines that store any document are called file servers. Servers that match you are called mail servers. And the servers that contain webpages are called web servers. There are several million servers on the Internet.

  A computer that collects data from the server is called a client computer. When you enter the Internet to check mail, your computer is a client, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) server and mails to the mail server. The number of subscribers on the Internet is higher than the number of servers, almost billion

  When two computers are interacting with each other, it is called peer. If you send instant messages or share photos with your friend, then this is peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. Never use a computer as a computer client in PC-P and sometimes your computer server also behaves. Let’s say that you’ve sent photos to your friend, your computer works as a server (photo set). And your friend’s computer will work as a client (access photos). Once your friend sends a photo, he will work as a computer server (photo set) and your computer will now act as a client.

  Apart from just server and client, there is another central computer that is another part of the internet. And its name is Router. It only helps in connecting between different systems. If there are more than one computer in your home or school or office, then the router helps everyone connect to the internet.

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  TCP / IP (DNS) and DNS
  Internet Protocol
  The real thing to share the data on the Internet is that it is not easy to take any home brick envelope. Internet data is not possible by any person as you or I can control. There are several data transmissions in the net every day – there are a lot of traffic to download and upload various data worldwide and about 250 billion websites, including about 3 billion emails. Now the question is, if all these data are sent in packets and if there is no control over them then how can they reach the original destination without losing the packets?

  And the answer is TCP / IP (TCP / IP) or Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. This system only helps in delivering all the packets to the destination. You can say that this is one in a system. In the world of computer, “protocol” means a standard that everybody believes and access to all things. Now the question arises in your mind that what does TCP / IP actually work? Let’s know.

  Internet Protocol or IP is a simple addressing system. All machines on the Internet, I have a separate IP. When every machine has a different IP, then which machine is easily identified and it is possible to send packets accordingly. IP addresses are basically some numbers that are inserted. And the numbers are separated using a comma or colon.

  This is slightly different for the website. The name is used to easily remember the IP instead of the website. Like (Techubs.Net) this system is named DNS or Domain Name Server. After entering the domain name browser, the computer starts searching for this IP and when the IP is found, the site is opened from the web server.

  The IP is basically of two types. One IPv4 and the other is IPv6. IPv4 has a four digit number. Such as or But today there is no new IPv4 address in the fast growing Internet world. Therefore a new system was developed, which is IPV6. It is longer than IPv4. 123a: b716: 7291: 0da2: 912c: 0321: 0ffe: 1da2 is an example of IPv6. [Learn more about IP address]

  Another part of this control system is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). This system determines how to send packets from one IP to another. And this system brings packaged packets together. Again, when a packet is sold, a packet is lost and it is sent again.