“Science is infinite in my eyes. The scientist engaged in the study is not the only machinery maker, he is a child who is fascinated by the mysteries of nature. “This is not my name, but it is a very famous and famous female personality, for whom I love his extraordinary ability, people For my real love, when I think about them, my mind is filled with respect. Who is he? Surely you want to hear She is none other, a very brave woman, Meera Slodovska-kuri, who grew up with poverty … could have succeeded in snatching her unimaginable talent for the world, she could get all the happiness of the world, But he did not do it but for the people, he has given all his happiness, intellect, labor for the welfare of the people, and as a result, what did he get? He has received great love for people He has kept it among the people even today, its proof is needed! Do not see me! If he is not famous then he will not get the love of humanity …. but after his death (after his death on July 4, 1934 ), I would appear in front of him, certainly not! If he remembers me as a small person like me …. If he can be my favorite personality even after so many years of his death … Anyway, I have said a lot about him, but he is very famous for this … what he saw, so I have not said so far. Yes, he was famous for the discovery of ‘polonium’ and ‘radium’. Not only that, he has studied radiation radiation throughout his life, in which the source of atomic energy was found. He showed that radiation radiation is one million times stronger than uranium. Later, his discovery of radium ray was very effective in treating disorderly cancer. All the hospitals in the world were made aware of the demand of radium. In 1903, he received Nobel Prizes with his husband Pierre Curie for research on uranium radiation. In 1911, he again won the Nobel Prize and this time he discovered polonium and radium. There are very few people in the world who have won the Nobel Prize twice. And in the case of women, such a personality is rare. If he wanted to earn a lot of money by patenting his search, he did not do this. Rather, he dedicated his invention to humans. But what he imagined in the whirlpool, his research uranium will be seen as the most fierce enemy of humans in the form of a nuclear bomb in the future! In the future, the future in us is really uncertain. But where is the mistake! At least we can prepare ourselves for the future. And the main purpose of my long role today is the future technology, yes, today I will try to give you ideas about how many technologies in your future and in the near future, which can be a good fortune or bad luck for us to see in the near future. Fortunately, in the sense that today I will write about future or about future techniques, but for some human civilization it is beneficial, but I will also talk about some techniques, which are meant for human civilization Serious loss can be counted as … and here is misfortune. I talked a lot, let’s go to the original tune.

  Tyrnos Flying Car

  Flying car Yes, this flying car is going to be your future vehicle. Do not believe anymore. Nowadays, the kind of flying car we see in Hollywood movies, you can be the owner of one of them. No brother, I am not sleeping! I’m awake But yes, you have to wait for the real experience of this flying vehicle and only 30-35 years! A company named Logie Aerospace is planning to build a car that can fly in the sky with the plans of some other new technology innovation organizations. And the car has been named “Tyrenos”. This car will be a 4-wheeler car, with 4 small roaming fans. And these fan cars will help to stay in the air. The 4-seater car will be very fast and can overcome its obstacles and easily fly into the sky. The most interesting thing is that you do not need a pilot or special training to fly “Tyrenos” in the sky. It can be run like any other ordinary vehicle and its appearance will be very interesting.

  Live Android! Or people

Are they human Or Android! I can almost guarantee that if I did not mention “Android” at the top, many would not realize that the above photos are two Android women. Now many people think that this is “Android” again! Android is an automated automation that looks like a human. Even if they are machines, their conduct usually reflects human personality. Japan and South Korea have started competing, which can make Android better than anyone. The pictures above are not pictures of the imagination but rather the real reality. This robotic silver android tries to increase the feeling of different types, even if it can run quite smoothly. But the human mind is so easily happy. no never. Rather, now people want to create a robot that is not like humans, but almost everyone will be like that. But this is also possible! Scientists say, yes, it is possible. And they started a lot of research, not only that they did not say. But the scientists are not ready to bind at any time. They just say, wait, maybe we will be present in the near future, with the amazing technology that will give you all the ideas of new ideas. Let’s not wait, but we wait, and prepare ourselves for that time. Apart from this, we all know that the short story, “Grow Meva (a kind of fruit)”.

  Robot be your partner (hypothetical future technology)

  (Asimo) We have heard more about the name of the ASIMO robot: Robots are very much like humans. However, the current (Asimo) ASIMO robots are just like humans, they are not even close to humans. But, imagine, the 8th generation of these robots will often be like humans. Who try to do all the tasks of the people. However, the main work of these robots will be to help people drive. They will work as a professional driver. Warns you further of any danger. This will be your safe travel companion. If necessary, they will be able to talk to you like your friend, to get rid of your illness during the trip. The biggest advantage of this, they will automatically take responsibility for the car while in acoustic risk. However, the probability of seeing these robots very little in reality is very low. In fact, to get them, we have to wait a long time (but it is almost certain that we can not do it or our child can see them right)

  GF Engineering Auto Charger

  Chargers! Is this the thing to re-write? Yes, okay, the talk about future technology is not perfect at all. But if this is a special type of charger, then it may also be an important issue to mention. how? But listen up Now we often hear many cars that run on electricity But the biggest obstacle for these cars was that since they were charging … they could not go so far. After some distance the charge is terminated, hence the need to recharge the battery is seen. Because of this, it will have to travel more distance, where these cars can not be used. We did not use the utility of cars correctly. But to overcome this problem, a charger has been built which will be able to charge up to 50% of the entire battery in just 3 and 3 minutes, and if it is charged 8 minutes …. However, up to 80% It would be possible to charge the battery. Understand, if you are going somewhere, when the car’s battery charge becomes half, you will not need to be afraid. Just stay 3 minutes and run your car’s battery. In the middle you got a little comfort. This car was coming to market in March this year, it seems that many people have started taking advantage of it. But wait for a while, there is a more advanced form in the near future.

Automatic decision-making assault drone (future weapon)
  The United States says that by next 2047, they will be able to make automatic decision-making attack drones. Now it is natural that the question is what attack is a drone? The attacking drone is a non-pilot plane, which can attack enemy territory and attack the missile. Which can be controlled with a remote control. The United States has recently announced that they will be able to create a drone drone until 2047, which will automatically launch a missile attack and decide before the attack, where it is going to attack the missile, on it Should be attacked or not? No remote control or man will be required to operate it. This will be a self-directed one special attack. This is a sign of a terrible world for us.

  Surprised weapon (awaiting reality from the imagination)
  p6 Observe the image given above. Hmm, okay, this is a tank. You have been told here and you have got plenty of time to think. But if you were not told in the first place, and your situation was now a terrible battlefield …. then said that you suddenly saw that you can understand that it was in the tank. It seems, the answer is no. Actually it is a tanks in the near future, which is going to become reality soon. Because such tanks are in camouflage, it is very difficult to predict about its existence. These tanks will be very awesome and strong. Who is making? Answer: British Army.

  Now come here in this picture. What is this again? Paper made of paper? Yes, the answer is absolutely correct. But this is not a common plane. It is very close to future fighters. It is also being made for the British Army. These fighter aircraft can carry many missiles simultaneously and it will not be possible to find out for any radar in the war. Then think of what horrible world we are facing.

  No, I’m sorry to report it. Now you end up with a good news

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